Millbank | Terms and Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

1) Confirming a booking will confirm the owner/s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and their desire to progress with a stay and comply with the terms and conditions.

2) Any change of health, behaviour or medical treatment in your dog or cat must be notified prior to their visit.

3) Owners must be on time for arrival and pick up or notify with a text to 07540664767 if you are to be late. A text should be sent before 6pm the evening before the dog/s or cat/s visit to confirm the time you plan to drop the dog off.

4) Millbank staff have the right to refuse any dog/cat if they are not suitable for home boarding.

5) Millbank staff have the right to insist on a trial day for the animal if they believe this is necessary.

6) If your dog/cat is prone to escaping or has done so in the past, this must be disclosed prior to their visit. We will do everything in our power to keep your animal safe but if they did manage to escape during the stay Millbank will not be held responsible.

7) If your dog has ever been in a fight or been aggressive, then this must be disclosed.

8) Any bad habits i.e barking, nipping, etc. must be disclosed and rectified. If bad habits continue the dog may have to be banned.

9) It is compulsory for all dogs and cats to be fully vaccinated and be up to date with routine flea and worming treatment. It is the owners responsibility to update Millbank of any boosters or treatment given to your animals prior to any stay.

10) If your pet should cause any damage to belongings of our home then you agree to reimburse any reasonable cost incurred by us in this event.

11) Naturally we make every effort to ensure that all pets are cared for to our usual high standards. However, in the unfortunate event of a loss, injury or death, we cannot be liable.

12) It is our policy to exercise all dogs off the lead, through experience we have found this to be in the best interest of the dog. If you are unhappy and would prefer us to keep your dog on a lead then this must be disclosed.

13) All pets must be micro-chipped.

14) If your dog is aggressive or bites during the stay it will be moved into isolation for the remainder of their visit. If your dog causes injury to another dog and the other dog needs veterinary treatment, the owner of the dog that caused the injury is responsible for the veterinary bill. The dog will then not be allowed back.

15) If your pet wishes to bring any personal belongings i.e bed, toys, etc. then they are to do so at their own risk.

16) The owner is responsible for providing enough food for the animal for the entire stay. Food should be put in labelled bags or containers e.g Max Breakfast.

17) We have a system for dog owners who need to drop off prior to 8am. The dogs are to be put in through the porch door and into the corridor and utility area. Please keep quiet when dropping the dogs off so as to avoid upsetting our neighbours.

18) Rude or aggressive behaviour towards any staff at Millbank will result in the owner and the animal being banned from the site.

19) 1 week’s notice needs to be given for a cancellation of a booking or the full boarding cost needs to be paid.